Sapphire Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Pambula Village is spread either side of the Pambula River. The village developed to serve the early settlers in the locality. The Imlay brothers, pioneers and landowners in the district, were probably the first European settlers when they established their station on the banks of the Pambula River in the 1830s.
Their land was bought by the Walker brothers in the early 1840s, and the Walkers built the Governor Fitzroy Hotel, one of the first hotels between the town of Moruya to the north and the Victorian border to the south. The village still has a number of the early buildings. The Court House in Toalla Street was built in 1860, the Commercial Hotel in 1878. Other buildings of interest include "The Retreat", built by Sims Covington around 1850. Covington was assistant to the great naturalist, Charles Darwin, on the second voyage of The Beagle in 1831-1836. He and Darwin remained in contact until Covington's death in Pambula in 1861.

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Looking towards Pambula village
from the South
Looking down Quondola Street,
Pambula, NSW

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