Sapphire Coast, New South Wales, Australia

The town of Merimbula lies about 8km to the north of Pambula village, and at the other end of Pambula Beach. Merimbula has changed over the years from a fishing port and stepping-off point for agricultural produce (steamers used to take wool and timber north to Sydney). Now principally a 'holiday resort', Merimbula is a bustling town of around 4,000.

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Merimbula lake,
inside the Bar
Merimbula lake,
boats moored in the channel
Merimbula lake,
looking across the oyster beds
Merimbula lake,
looking across to the town
from the old wharf
both live and metal
on jetty
both live and metal (2)
on jetty (2)
Merimbula town across the lake
Merimbula lake from above the Lakeview Hotel
Main beach, Merimbula
from wharf road
Looking towards "the Haycocks" from Merimbula wharf
The old wharf
from main beach
The old wharf with Pambula Beach in the distance
Information about seasonal visitors at the old wharf
Looking along main beach
Main beach, with Pambula Beach in the distance
The surf on main beach
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